On-Site Services:

For short or long-term needs, Autoscan, Inc. provides highly trained CAD Specialists experienced with CAD software and with the ability to communicate effectively with project managers. Our technicians are experts in all releases of AutoCAD, MicroStation, Revit, SolidWorks, and 3D StudioMax. Each technician brings a wealth of experience gained from working on various disciplines and jobsites, which enables them to be adaptive and innovative. With a large support staff, our employees are able to call in extra help when needed, or send work back to the office for processing. In addition to technical drafting, we offer the following:

· Project Management, Set-up/Creation of Project Standards and Templates
· Revit (Building Information Modeling - BIM)
· SolidWorks (Parametric Solid Modeling)

In-House Services:

At Autoscan, Inc. we take your ideas, concepts, and rough sketches, and convert them into dimensionally accurate CAD files. Using our drafting services will ensure that your company will complete projects in a timely manner and enable your team to concentrate on more important tasks. We have a history of excellence and our drafters understand that the quality of their work reflects on both themselves and your company. We offer drafting as well as basic design services.

Building Information Modeling (BIM)
At Autoscan, Inc. we can take traditional two dimensional architectural or structural drawings to the next level. By using Revit, a parametric three dimensional modeling program your ideas and design can be realized in the world of 3D. In addition, construction documentation can be rapidly created and coordinated with all members of your team.

Conversion is the process of changing raster files (generated electronically or through scanning) into a vector format, which enables your files to go from rough pixels to precisely defined vectors. We can automatically or manually convert your drawings into dimensionally accurate electronic CAD files. By converting to a vector format you will be able to interactively access this file to facilitate modifications, assign attributes, and create numerous identical hard copies for submittals. These final drawings are both dimensionally accurate and to scale.

As-Built Services
Using a laser-measuring device, we will visit your job site, home or facility, take accurate measurements, and create dimensionally accurate drawing files and hardcopies that can then be used as a basis for future design work.

Network Design, Installation and Support
We can help your organization improve its internal communications systems through the design and implementation of a computer network or Local Area Network (LAN). We design, build, install, support and maintain computer systems, which optimize your work environment. In essence, we provide one-stop shopping for system integration, upgrades and maintenance. Our installations will allow you to share printers, files, e-mail, and to access the World Wide Web. We will sit down with you and analyze your IT needs and budget, custom design a system, install your network, train your personnel, and be there for support when you have questions. We will assess your needs and research the best available products and prices before we make suggestions. You will be confident that the decision you make is an informed decision, based on the needs of your company. As your organization grows, workstations can be added and your system can be easily expanded.