Autoscan, Inc. Company History and Information

In 1993 two former schoolmates, Jeff McNabb and Bob Boulware, discovered a niche in the drafting industry to provide raster to vector drawing conversion. They decided that this was an ideal industry to enter due to their backgrounds in engineering. Autoscan, Inc. began primarily as a scanning firm, offering services 24 hours a day, but soon transitioned into drafting services. Jeff and Bob made this transition due to a large client demand for educated drafters that could provide fast, high quality drafting services, as well as help relieve the designer’s workload.

Within a short time the company acquired many clients who were highly satisfied with the level of service they received. With growing demand for their services, Jeff and Bob decided to expand Autoscan, Inc. They wanted to hire people who were familiar with the drafting industry and who were highly educated, but did not necessarily have extensive drafting experience. The two decided that their best candidates would be recent engineering graduates because they better understood the design process, which would be a direct benefit to you.

Our company has grown considerably since its inception, maturing from a two-person basement business to an eighteen-person company located near Fisherman’s Terminal in Magnolia. We maintain a family like atmosphere where our employees feel they are an integral part of the company’s success. This environment encourages our employees to provide clients with the highest level of service and development, as well as maintain long-term employment.

Our company has also expanded the number of services that we offer to include network design, installation and support, and website design and development. We maintain a working relationship with many of our early clients while constantly adding to our clientele. We have worked with many companies, ranging from engineers, architects, and surveyors to contractors, property management firms, and manufacturers. Through the years, we have refined our skills in many disciplines of drafting including; civil, structural, architectural, mechanical, and electrical. Our company has been involved in many prominent development projects in Seattle. These projects include active participation in the design and drafting of The Microsoft Campus, Whatcom Community College, Seahawks Stadium as well as a variety of buildings on the University of Washington Campus. We have also worked on many City of Seattle and King County projects such as the King County Correctional Facility and several Seattle School District projects.